DIY Tips: Simple Care for Your Heating and AC System

Are your heating or AC units not functioning as well as they used to? Before you rush to call a technician, there are a few checks and tricks you can perform yourself. These DIY tips from Childs Heating & Air will help you analyze the issue with your system.

The Importance of Regular Inspection

Keep an eye out for any obvious signs of wear & tear on your units. This could range from odd noises to mechanical glitches. Also, you should check for leaks in the hoses and exhaust. If there are leaks, it may be time for heating repair or AC repair.

Monitoring your energy bills is also an excellent way of gauging performance. A significant increase in energy usage without any apparent reason could mean your system is working harder than necessary due to some internal issue.

Regular Cleaning is a Must

The build-up of dirt and debris on your heating and air conditioning units is a common cause of function loss. Regularly cleaning the units, especially the air filters, can greatly increase their lifespan. If not cleaned regularly, dust can clog the air filters, impede airflow, and cause your AC unit to freeze up.

You can easily perform this cleaning. For AC units, locate the filters, take them out, and wash them. Some filters are reusable while others will need to be replaced if they’re too dirty. With heating systems, you’ll want to vacuum out any dust or debris and wipe any dirt off with a damp cloth.

The Importance of Correct Settings

A common issue people experience is incorrect thermostat settings. If the settings are off, your heating and AC systems might not function at optimal levels. Always double-check your thermostat settings if you’re experiencing heating or cooling issues.

It’s also worth noting that programmable thermostats can save on energy costs. They allow you to set the temperature for different parts of the day, reducing energy usage when you’re out of the house or asleep.

Even with all these simple DIY tips, certain problems definitely require professional expertise. If the glitches persist after attempting these solutions, get in touch with professionals like our services in Old Hickory, TN. Identifying the root cause of the problem is critical to ensure your units function optimally, ensuring your comfort during both sizzling summers and freezing winters.

For a heater repair or AC repair in Old Hickory, TN, make sure to call us at Childs Heating & Air. Don’t let minor issues become significant problems; get them rectified right away!

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