Unveil a Mixture of Adventures Near You: Explore in Conjunction with Furnace Repair and HVAC Service

At Welzig, we love providing excellent furnace, HVAC, and AC services. After taking care of your home comfort needs, unwind and have fun with the numerous exciting activities near Longmont, Colorado.

Pay a Visit to The Agricultural Heritage Center

If you’ve got a furnace repair scheduled with our experienced Welzig team in Longmont, CO, take the opportunity to explore the Agricultural Heritage Center. The visitors’ center at Lohr/McIntosh farm is open to all who want to know more about the agricultural history of Boulder County. Justice may be swift but never dull here!

No trip to Lafayette, CO, is complete without appreciating the beauty at Waneka Lake. If you’re waiting on your HVAC service, why not take a stroll or indulge in a picnic near the serene lake?

Waneka Lake Park: Breathe the Fresh Air

With a picturesque view that includes wildlife and a recreational trail, this Lake Park is perfect for leisure seekers. Row a kayak, do some fishing, or just relax on the shore, you’ll have a fantastic day in Lafayette!

Boulder, CO, is home to the Fiske Planetarium, offering immersive dome experiences. Having an AC repair won’t stop you from experiencing the wonders of the universe.

Fiske Planetarium: Newly Updated…

Combining education and entertainment, Fiske Planetarium features state-of-the-art 8K projection, immersive surround sound, and unique performances that defy reality. Turn your Welzig AC repair day into an otherworldly escape in Boulder.

Remember, while you introspect and engage in these local charms, your Welzig Heating & Air team will work diligently to restore your home comfort systems in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Our Furnace repair services in Longmont, HVAC services in Lafayette, and AC repairs in Boulder, CO, are carried out by experts who ensure your comfort is restored in no time.

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