Laughter Through the Lanes of Grissom Service Company

Birmingham might be renowned for its exceptional civil rights history, but we at Grissom Service Company know how to dig into its literal foundations. Our service experts marvel at the sight of sewer pipes more intricately twisted than a pretzel at a German beer fest. We’ve wrestled with pipes in Birmingham that would have had Hercules run for the hills!

The Tale of the Tricky Trussville Toilets

On the eastern suburban edges at Trussville, we’ve had some memorable encounters with an era of rebel toilets. Who needs a dog when your toilet faithfully fetches you rubber ducks sprouting from the flush? We’ve seen it all and fixed it all!

Speaking of Homewood and Irondale, they’ve got us chasing coolants like we’d chase Friday night drink specials. With our heating and cooling specialists on the scene, you won’t be left in a puddle of melting ice cream. We keep you cool in summer, and snug as a bug in a rug when the temperature dips. For us at Grissom Service Company, your comfort is our favorite punchline!

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